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I’m a UI/Experience Designer with an inquisitive nature for what makes people tick. Beginning my studies in Software Design and Development I was quickly drawn to solving visual problems leading my early career in Visual Design.

I worked in the digital space as a visual designer for 8 years with a focus interaction and technology trends. I've constantly asked questions of the design and problem being solved. These questions and how best to approach them lead me to Human Centred Design and Design Thinking principles which I use to solve client problems and answer briefs.

Studying User Experience Design has given me the skills I now use to validate hypothesise and conduct research to better understand and solve these problems. I’m a typography fan particularly fancying CGI and brush type, I also enjoy the occasional meme.

Since finishing my studies in Human Centred Design I’ve departed the advertising industry to work in product environments focusing on the products themselves and how users can better integrate with them. I’d also like to think I’m adding some positive energy and doing some good in the world while I’m at it.

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